Loïe, electric fairy, an agony of flame. Mistress of light, soul of Art Nouveau.

She was Marie, plain Marie, in the morning, standing five feet two. She was Louise in slacks. She was Fuller on the dotted line.

Born to a family of vaudeville entertainers in Illinois in 1862, Marie Louise Fuller spent her childhood and young adulthood as a skirt dancer in burlesque and circus shows. In her late twenties, she began to experiment lighting effects on her long silk skirt, choreographing “natural” moving techniques and developing a performance aesthetic. …

I was strolling around down town and thinking of nothing in particular…Little by little I began to realize that I was perceiving things. Just then, I deeply satisfied with an image appeared in the middle of the U-Bahn platform. Shivering from head to toe, I tried to sever the connection between my delicate mood and the image that triggered a cascade of thoughts within me. But it was useless…

Ayca Koroglu.

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